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My Favorite Veep

Any guesses?

Put your guess in the comment section.  The winner gets a signed copy of my dissertation when it comes out as a book.  Seriously!

Of course you might have to wait until about 2022.

Although hopefully it should be ready before then, otherwise my wife will kill me.

Update: Rules, Caveats etc.
Everyone who guesses right gets a copy. So feel free to copy other guesses. I’ll allow three guesses per person. So if you are confident and think a signed copy of my thesis will be valuable, go ahead and guess Schuyler Colfax three times.

(Ah, to live in the good old days of dramatic facial hair!)

Anyway, I’ll close the polls on July 31.

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One Response

  1. You seemed to show a soft spot for Aaron Burr – despite everything – since you share a first name with him.


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