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VPWriting 5: Bad Writing Days

I took Tuesday off and had three goals for the day. I
accomplished two of them, so in some ways that’s a win. I went to Costco (which
is a pretty heavy duty endeavor) and I got on the treadmill and ran. I did not
finish a draft of a proposal for a third book idea I have. I couldn’t get up
early, just exhausted, and then after the Costco trip and lunch with me wife
(who was working from home) I was wiped. I just couldn’t get the writing going.
Pixabay has great free pics. I liked this one and seems to fit this post.

The proposal was due today. I lost a lot of motivation to
get it in when I saw the stipend. It would get me a few months off to write –
not that year I need. But I still wanted to get it submitted, because you never
know and the exercise is worth doing in its own right.

Wednesday, I had my wife drive morning carpool so I could go
into work late. The writing came along nicely. I had a decent working draft of
the proposal (I finished it up today.) Of course at work on Wednesday the work
writing was dry. I have a not an ongoing paper that I simply could not
untangle. Today I had some other stuff to attend to but I’ll try again
tomorrow. However, I have another work paper that I really need to get cracking


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