Analyzing Assassination Plots Against VPs

To any readers from law enforcement or intelligence: this is an analysis of historic assassination attempts on high U.S. officials. It is not an endorsement in any way shape or form. I absolutely DO NOT believe in taking human lives nor would I encourage anyone to do so. This is an academic exercise linked to […]

The Veeps of Tehran: Veepology goes Global

In a previous life I was a Middle East specialist and news of Iranian President Raisi’s death would have led to analysis of what this meant for power games in Tehran and the region. Now, it isn’t at the top of my concerns, except that it turns out that Iran has a vice president. Actually, […]

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly #6: Guns, Dogs, and Veeps

April 28, 2024 Given last week’s mega-issue, this week’s Down the Hall will be scaled back, at least a bit. VP Harris wins on Gun Control VP Harris is up to quite a lot these days. Most of it, to be honest, isn’t particularly interesting here at DTH, it’s important, but predictable. Harris is speaking […]

Veeps Present and Possible, Past and Irrelevant: Down the Hall Returns!

Down the Hall #5 About two years ago I started a newsletter on the vice presidency, focusing on the current occupant of the office, but with other notes about the vice presidency in general and the doings of past VPs. It was all an effort to begin building the field of Veepology (the study of […]

Diplomatic Gardening in Latin America: A Role for the VP?

After attending the International Political Science Association conference in Buenos Aires, I heard a lot about U.S. policy towards Latin America. Long and short, the region deserves more positive and sustained attention than the U.S. is inclined to give it. I wrote a short piece about this and why, unfortunately, it probably won’t happen. I […]

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly (?), Harris #4

June 21, 2022 Down the Hall: The VP Weekly (er… monthly?), June 21, 2022 With Alex Weinberg (UMCP ‘24) and Rohan Sharma, UMCP ‘23) So we are way, way behind on things and the news cycle is just passing us by. We never claimed to break news, but we are hoping to provide valuable context […]

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly, Harris #3

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly(?) #3 With Alex Weinberg (UMCP ‘24) We’re a little behind on the whole weekly thing (about 4 weeks). Holidays and travel ate what little free time we had. We’ll see if weekly is sustainable, or perhaps move to bi-weekly (that is publishing every fortnight.) In the meantime, there has […]

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly, Harris #2

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly, Harris #2: April 1, 2022 With Alex Weinberg (UMCP ’24) Top Story: Tight Circle or Closed Loop Becoming vice president as a DC outsider creates additional challenges for an already tough gig. A story from the Los Angeles Timesby Noah Bierman and Melanie Mason discusses Harris’ limited social circle […]

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly, Harris #1

Down the Hall: The VP Weekly, Harris Issue 1: March 25, 2022 With Alex Weinberg (UMCP ’24) Hoo-boy, this week was not the week to start a publication on the vice presidency. Between Harris’ travel and appearances and the exit of her national security advisor (VPNSA) Ambassador Nancy McEldowney there was a lot of news. […]

VP Pence rebukes Trump: The End of the Beginning

It is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning. Winston Churchill Something big happened on February 4 when Vice President Pence clearly rejected Trump’s continuing claim that the 2020 election was fraudulent, and the Federalist Society applauded. Pence stated: I heard […]