Vice Presidency in Trouble? Or Just Growing Pains?

On Friday, July 2, President Biden and Vice President Harris had their weekly lunch. The conversation should have been interesting. Harris appears to be struggling, with a poorly received interview about the immigration crisis, being handed impossible to solve problems, and swirling rumors of disarray at the Office of the Vice President (OVP). All of […]

Harris and the Migration Crisis: A Look at VP-led Task Forces

Walter “Fritz” Mondale, who died last week, re-defined the vice presidency and for the most part his successors have followed the model he established. But there has been one, very specific deviation. Mondale counseled future VPs not to accept line assignments. But high-profile policy assignments have become standard for all of the vice presidents since […]

The Legacy of VP Mondale

Walter “Fritz” Mondale, who died today at 93, changed what it means to be Vice President – that is the story of my dissertation – and I was fortunate to interview Mondale about it. This may be his most notable legacy, but in his long public life, he did a great many good things. Carter […]

1st Report on VP Role in Biden Administration

We have our first article about the Vice Presidency of Kamala Harris. There isn’t much to say… yet. The article title pretty much says it all. This is actually all pretty standard. She is doing outreach to groups with which she has affinity, VPs always do that. What is more interesting is when VPs have […]

The Vice Presidency under the Unprecedented President

This site is not just a Kamala Harris fan-page (although it could be). It is devoted to the study of the our nation’s second highest office and to that end, we aren’t done with Pence Vice Presidency. What did the idiosyncratic presidency of Donald Trump mean for the vice presidency? Since President Carter and Vice […]

A New Veep

A new presidency means a new vice president. And this vice president is something new entirely: the first woman to hold our second highest office, but also the first African-American and the first Asian-American in this office. That’s a lot of firsts, there’s probably a couple of others. As a scholar of the vice presidency, […]

Advice for Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate in USA Today

USA Today OPINION ‘The vice presidency is a good gig’: Here’s some advice for Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate   Aaron Mannes, Opinion contributor Published 5:02 a.m. ET Aug. 2, 2020 You didn’t become vice president just for future opportunities. You want to make a difference now. There’s good news and bad news. Congratulations on […]

Jessica Jones and Presidential Authority

Hey fans (do I have any?), it’s been awhile. I have a day job and I’m trying … trying… to write a book. For the book I’m thinking about what the politics of reconstruction will look like in an age of Creedal Passion. If none of this makes sense to you, read this. A big […]

Presidents Day Special: The Greatest Veep

Today is Presidents Day, the day we honor the people who have held our nation’s highest office. I’m skeptical of this holiday – not all of them were so great. I preferred honoring the greats with a day. We used to celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, and that was enough. We shouldn’t add […]

Fun History Lesson: Impeachment, the Supreme Court, and the Balance of Powers

Since everyone is talking about impeaching Supreme Court Justices, let me tell you a story about how Aaron Burr saved America. In general Burr appears as a blackguard and scoundrel. And some of it is true (he did shoot Hamilton – but maybe it was an accident, who knows.) Burr’s correspondence was lost, so there’s […]