In WOTR on the next VP

The awesome War on the Rocks recently ran my analysis of the likely national security roles of the next vice president. In the process, I summarize my dissertation and include some nice juicy quotes from my interviews. Here’s the first part, but read the whole thing here! VICE PRESIDENTS AND FOREIGN POLICY:  A FORWARD-LOOKING REVIEW […]

Veepstakes 2016 Part 2: Insiders, Outsiders, and Amateurs – A Metaphor

What do presidents really do? They are the chief executive, but they do not truly administer the federal government (no one can) although they can set priorities. They make big political decisions. This is not a pejorative – the root word of political is polis (city-states) – political means the affairs of the polis. They work […]

Rise of the Vice President’s Staff

Originally posted on TerrorWonk on December 20, 2012. One measure of the expansion of the Vice President’s role is the increasing prominence of the vice president’s staff.  Under Carter, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff also became an Assistant to the President and performed numerous tasks on the President’s behalf.  Still much of Mondale’s influence came […]

Hanukkah, Athens vs. Jerusalem & Vice Presidents?

Reposted from TerrorWonk, where it appeared on December 12, 2012. Jews around the world are now well into Chanukkah, which like most Jewish holidays has some really fun surface stuff (presents, gambling, and fried food), and deeper meanings.  Hanukkah celebrates a military victory.  During the Hellenic Age, Israel was under the rule of Selucids of […]

Reviewing “Presidential Leadership in Political Time”

Stephen Skowronek’s Presidential Leadership in Political Time: Reprise and Reappraisal is an important book in the presidential studies canon and I am glad that I encountered it early in my reading. This series on VeepCritique is an effort to warm-up as I prepare to work on my dissertation proposal. I will be reviewing most of […]